Friday, February 27, 2009

Super Duper Naan

After a full day in Delhi, we joined a couple of friends the other night at the British High Comission for drinks and then went to Bukhara, a restaurant at the fancy schmancy ITC Maurya Hotel. Now, it is known as one of the best restaurants in New Delhi and I am told it is former British prime minister Tony Blair's favorite place to eat in India, thank you very much. However, when you place these to facts next to a picture of one of their signature family style naans (see below) who cares about Tony Blair. Who cares about the the restaurant's reputation? Look at that thing. It looks like the seat of a papasan chair. We could not eat the entire thing, and took it to go. You know what? They had to fold it. Like a blanket or towel. Can you believe it?

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*~NiTiN~* said...

that is some naan!