Thursday, February 26, 2009

Indian Wedding

A couple of weeks ago a buddy of mine got married and we were invited to the wedding. Of course, we went. Actually, I had been biting at the bit ever since he had told me he was getting married. We had heard so much about Indian weddings and had not been able to attend any yet. The scene was a little different than a Catholic marriage, I can tell you that. My buddy did not ride up on a horse or (my personal preference for him), an elephant. Other than that, it was a shin-dig. The amount and variety of food was astounding in itself. There was about fifty feet or so of food dedicated to what I think is called chaat. It is the food that I see in street stalls all over India and would live to try but the risk of having a tummy ache is too great. This was not the case at this wedding and I made up for nine months of hungrily and bitterly passing the chaat stands by. FYI, some of what I have described may be inaccurate. For example, chaat may not even be spelled right, much less what this type of food is called. But hey, YOU move to India and get invited to a wedding and try and figure out what the heck everything is. As usual, all corrections welcomed.


Gaurav Jain said...

I couldn't expect anything other then fun at Indian weddings.Hope you enjoyed a lot. TO get more out of it,do watch Monsoon Weddings by mira nair

Joe and Kristina said...

We had a great time at the wedding. Every one there was very eager to ensure that we sampled as much of the event as possible. We were happy to comply with their wishes! Thanks Gaurav.