Thursday, December 11, 2008

Vishnu, Lakshmi, and Shesha

Drive south out of Gurgaon for about 15 kilometers on Shona Road and you will come to a little village called Badshapur. If you get lost looking for something, like we did, you may accidentally hang a right on the correct street off Shona Road, and then hang another right on the incorrect one. Actually, I would not call it a street, more like a dirt bike trail. Anyway, we managed to get about one half of a kilometer up the road and found a Hindu Temple. Amazingly, I still thought we had the right place. After twenty minutes or so I had to admit I was wrong and we went back and found our correct destination. However, I promised that I would come back and check the temple out again as it was both in the middle of no where and super duper over the top. If I have done my homework correctly (and I may not have), the statue in these pictures is that of Vishnu, Lakshmi, and Vishnu's protector Sesha. The statue is like twenty feet tall and was one of many at the temple. By the way, Shesha is the seven headed cobra coiled behind and above Vishnu and Lakshmi. See link below. I would like the name and location of the temple here but I was lost and NO ONE there besides Kristina and I (and Victoria, once) was speaking any kind of English.



Anonymous said...

Itis Lord Krishna and his significant other Radha under the multi headed serpent, who he kills because he (the serpent) was poisoning the drinking waters of the lake in his town.

Joe and Kristina said...

Hi Elaine!!

We have been getting different information about this. Our driver, whom I think is a devout Hindu, is convinced that it is Vishnu,, Lakshmi, and their protector but we have heard other things as well. Hey, ask your friends about steel day (when people carry around a steel can, into which you are supposed to drop some rupees). I think it is associated with Lakshmi.

Happy New to you and your friends!!


Raj said...

This particular photo shows Krishna, Radha & Sesha. Krishna is an avatar of Vishnu, who plays the flute.

The black painted steel cans are for Saturn, called Shani - you'll notice that steel days are on Saturdays.