Saturday, December 13, 2008

Four ladies praying (I think)

We were in Jaipur and went to this kind of random Hanuman temple. As I was passing a kind of courtyard going up some steps, I chanced upon these women circling around the cage with the plant in it and chanting or singing or something. Normally I am wary of taking pictures of people praying but these women were smiling at me as I stopped to look at them. As I snapped a couple of quick shots they started laughing at me so it was like my childhood all over again exept for much quicker.

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Pareshaan said...

saw your comment and I am sorry I cannot think of five things that you guys must do. It's not for the lack of things, it just seems stupid directing some one this way. If it's meant to happen it'll happen.
That said one of the most colorful and unchanged places in Delhi is the bangle and henna bazaar behind the Hanuman Temple near Connaught place. Post dusk this place is crowded, colorful and quite a sight, besides being one of the best places to get henna on your hands/feet - buy bangles. It is something that the women in my family love, nothing much to do for a guy, but ladies usually get a kick. And I don't think it is much advertised on the tourist circuit.
I love the place, it's from another time - if you guys find the time you may want to visit it. The place also used to have excellent chaat and tikki vendors, but last January when I happened to stop there the quality seemed to have taken a dip.
What exactly are you guys going to school for in Delhi - curious.
Will get in touch if something else strikes me, wish you both all the best.