Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Alsisar Haveli

I should have taken a picture of the entrance but I did not. Dumb of me because of the stark difference between the sketchy looking entrance (via alleyway) and the hotel. From the street, which is a hodgepodge of shops, the likes of which you would probably not enter, the entrance to the hotel looks like an alley that you would never even consider going into in broad daylight, much less at night. However, once you enter the "alleyway", the transition is stunning. The place is overwhelmingly beautiful anyway, but the effect going from the street into the courtyard magnifies that beauty by several times. The rooms are all different and lavishly decorated. They should be because historically the hotel was a mansion. The word haveli is of Persian origin, meaning "an enclosed place". The havelis of Pakistan and north India follow the Islamic style of architecture and usually contain a courtyard often with a fountain in the centre. Below find a link to the website of this particular haveli. Oh, one more thing, as compared to the hotels in Jaipur, this place was a fraction of the cost and with TONS more character. I could not recommend this place highly enough.


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