Monday, July 28, 2008


Joe took this photo one night when Nipin was in town. We were walking home from a restaurant near our house. This is also the path we take when we walk home from work. For anyone concerned about our safety - specifically Joe's when he walks home at midnight - there is no issue whatsoever. We pass no less than 20 of these guys each way. I work out of 3 different offices each week. One is right next door, another is also in Gurgaon, and the last is in Noida which is about an hour away in good traffic. The only time I walk is when I work right next door which is 2, and if I'm lucky, 3 days each week. Our building is set back from the street as is the office. So we essentially walk down a public driveway lined with guards. And then past the security gate at our complex. The gate has no less than 5 guards at any time. And we usually see guards the whole way down the 3 minute walk the rest of the way. Any worries we might have while here, safety near our house isn't among them.
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Jin said...

Sweet. It's awesome to see all 6 of em just hanging your stereotypical NY cops in donut shops....