Monday, July 28, 2008


We had a wonderful weekend! (Bombings aside - thanks to everyone for checking in on us, by the way.) Friday night went out to dinner with some coworkers and their spouses. Working in Human Resources doesn't always welcome invitations that include drinking so we did consider it to be an honor. It was really fun and, believe it or not, we went to T.G.I.Friday's.

Joe hooked up with an expat group in Gurgaon and we were invited to a party on Saturday night at a couple's apartment in a neighborhood called New Friends Colony in New Delhi. Their place was beautiful and they had us up for drinks and dinner on their rooftop deck. I would guess there were about 20 - 25 people there. There was only one other American. Without exception, everyone was really nice and very interesting. And they are all thrilled to be in India with no imminent plans to go home or elsewhere.


Anonymous said...

Hi Joe and Kristina,

I stumbled across your blog while googling for "expat india" - glad I found it! Really enjoyed reading about your life - humorous stuff!

We are (a European) family about to start an expat life in India in the fall, but the recent bombings have really troubled us. We'd be moving to an area where one of the deadly bombings just occcurred.

If you were about to just move to India, just how much weight would you put on the bombings when deciding about the move (esp. if the attacks would have been near your location)?

Don't know really why I'm asking this, guess someone over there can put the news in a better perspective, or something..

Wish you more memorable moments in India,


Joe and Kristina said...

Very glad you're finding this interesting! It sounds like you have a lot to think about right now. Your question is a big one and personal in that you'll probably get as many different answers as the number of people you ask.

The bombings would definitely weigh in to our thoughts if the decision hadn't yet been made to go. In fact, as we were considering the option, it did weigh in positively that there did not seem to be a whole lot to worry about from a safety perspective at the time. The people we know here in the NCR area do not seem unduly concerned but the distance of the events is great enough that it could practically be considered a world away.

This is probably obvious but I would check with the embassy and see if you can find some expat connections in your destination city.

And if you want to chat more about this or about anything else related to moving to India, please let us know.

I'm not sure where you have lived or traveled before but the consensus seems to be from everyone we have met all over the world that there is no other place that is quite like this.

Wishing you well -

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment, Joe and Kristina.

I know everyone can only offer their personal view on things but, to me, just being able to discuss and ponder about this with as many people as I can, seems to be somewhat comforting, and is easening the burden of thought. Maybe I should just hire a shrink.

Husband's contract is being negotiated at the time, but there is a halt in things because of the bombings. Should we finally decide to move, I'll definitely turn up here to ask more questions about, well, propably everything.

I can't say how sorry I am because of the attacks, for just selfish reasons alone. I had reeally, reeally been looking forward to moving, and spent last few weeks on reading about Inida, then about India, and then some.

I'll be keeping reading your blog, however, whatever move we'll make, and can hopefully taste a bit of Indian expat life through your memoirs..