Tuesday, July 29, 2008


The sunsets here have been really amazing lately. Or maybe they have been the whole time and we're just now noticing. A very beautiful backdrop to a lot of visual chaos.

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Anonymous said...

Joe and Kristina: I'm still attempting to join the 21st century and haven't quite gotten this blog thing figured out yet. I'll figure it out someday. Hope all is going well. Love, Rene'

Anonymous said...

Hello Kristina an Joe,
Thinking of you allot and wishing you always everything beautiful in your life together!
We leave soon for Budapest,Hu
Our son Tom , age 50 is getting married to beautiful girl from China.
He spend 3 separate vacation in Calcutta working with Mother Theresa's-Mission. If asked about ,he would say it does not matter where people are from..if they hurt -sadness - when happy they show happiness--
Love Evie & Joe-

Joe and Kristina said...

Evie and Joe -

Have a very safe trip to Budapest and please congratulate Tom for us! I've thought of his work in Calcutta and imagine it was a life changing experience.

Thank you so much for your thoughts!

Kristina and Joe

Joe and Kristina said...

Hey Rene,

I hope the storms in Fla are keeping themselves in control. Hope things are ok and thanks! -us