Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mmmmm! Udderly delicious!

Hi Everett, hi Gus. Guess what? Cows are so smart here that the people have them do their shopping .

Get it Leo, "Udderly delicious!"? -Joe
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Jin said...

Why does a milking stool have only three legs?
Because the cow has the udder

Joe and Kristina said...

Not bad Jin.

Unknown said...

Hi Joe and Kristina,
I am visiting from Maine for the same company that you work for. Spent my first 7 days in Gurgaon, now I am in Noida until Sunday. Wore a great Pyjama outfit today that my team bought me. I have taken some great video and pics. Feel free to contact me at or

Hope all is well.

AudraE said...

Nice. So do the cows put the groceries away when you get home too? E & G

Joe and Kristina said...

Hi E & G,

No, the cows won't come in to our apartment. They are too sheepish. Hahahahahahahahah!!!!!

J & K