Friday, August 15, 2008

Little House In The Rain

So we live in a compound of highrise buildings that are surrounded by other highrise buildings and highrises in the making. There is this unlikely little house in this kind lot that is overgrown with green becuse we are in the monsoon season. It is right in front of our buliding (I took the picture from one of our balconies) so it kind of stands out for not standing out. We don't know what it is but we think that someone lives there. I have seen a cow hanging out there, a bunch of peacocks too. There door is sometimes open and sometimes shut. I took this picture during one of the stormier storms.

Independence day today in India. A big thing here because India has been their own country for only the last sixty-one years. People are proud of that and good for them. We are celebrating by cooking Murgh Makhani (Murgh is Hindi for chicken), Rice with mustard seed, chiles and onion, and chapati which is like naan but more pita-ish.
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ranjit sandhu said...

murgh is the Urdu word for celebrated India's founding by eating a muslim chicken :)

Joe and Kristina said...

Hi V & T. I am loving the comments Keep them coming.

Yeah, Hindi has tons of Muslim words like kitub and sukria. But it's okay, I clebrated the end of Ramadon with a Muslim family eating Chicken Biriani. Seems fair enough to me. No big whoop. By the way, my Murgh Makhni tastes like Aag.