Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fashion Street

There is a street in Mumbai where there is stall after stall of vendors selling clothing and stuff. The stalls kind of specialize. For example, one stall has belts, another shirts, another jeans, and so on. The prices are ridiculous although bargaining is the norm. Shirts are two or three dollars. It's crazy. From what we were told, the stuff they sell there are the surplus or leftovers of large orders manufactured in Mumbai. So, for example, a guy orders 5000 shirts. There will always be a couple of hundred pieces of surplus clothing (shoes, whatever). The manufacturers are not in the retail business so they send them to Fashion Street and get rid of them for close to nothing. We could not verify this information but have heard it from a few people and it seems to make sense. In the first and second pictures below, you can see a couple of the stalls in the background. There are so many stalls that we were there for more than an hour and we did not reach the end of the row of stalls. It's nuts. In the third picture, well that's just me acting like an ass by hanging from some vines in a tree on Fashion Street. Everyone there loved it so whatever.

We could not find much information on Fashion Street but there is some in the link below:


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