Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Damdama Lake, Gurgaon, India

I got an email from a follower of this blog who suggested that we take a look at Lake Damdama. It is a pretty big lake about twenty five kilometers south of our apartment yet still in Gurgaon. I had no idea that this place was so big. In checking out the area, I got a lot of strange looks. Just like the rest of my life. The place is kind of off the radar and I did not see any westerners. The Millennium City, as Gurgaon is called, still has a fairly vast amount of farm land. I spent a few hours pulling off the road and checking stuff out. Kilometers of farmland, tons of animals, and theses fishermen. Note that these three pictures are actually of one fishing scene. The guys on shore are pulling in the two sides of the net. The two guys in the boat? Who knows, maybe guiding but they are defiantly part of the equation. In the third picture you get an idea of how big the net is. That's the same two guys in the boat. Oh, the guy in the third picture actually in the confines of the net, what's he doing? Maybe scaring the fish to shore? You tell me.
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