Sunday, February 1, 2009

I'm sorry, Can you repeat that?

We were driving around in Delhi the other day when I saw this sticker on the back of an auto rickshaw or tuck-tuck as they are also called.  Of course I called and asked if I had reached the "Magnetic Knee Caps" store. Yes the guy said, I had.  Can you imagine?  It's not much of a blog posting, but I had to put it up or else I myself would have thought I had dreamed it.  Feel free to call them yourself.  I am a size eleven.


Unknown said...

hey mcgann, i want my fricken 500 rupee laptop. go get it

ps i want english

yours truly


Joe and Kristina said...


Any ideas on where to get one here? BTW, I don't think you really want one of these but will work on it. Hi to Mrs Earl and the Earl girls.


Anonymous said...

Hi Joe, hope that you and Kristina will have a night available to catch up between Feb 13 and Feb 25 - I will be in Guragon working with sister company Genpact! Check your yahoo email for details etc!