Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Garam Masala

We were about to make dinner on Sunday night and realized we were about to run out of Garam Masala.  I then realized that we have gone through a few kilograms of spices (thats like 2.2 pounds per kilogram, Jin) since moving here.  That is more spices than I had ever imagined eating throughout the course of my life.  Anyway, enclosed, see a picture of what Garam Masala (hot spice) looks like before it goes off the fire and into the grinder.


Jin said...

Why do you have to capitalize Garam Masala?

Anonymous said...

Hi there - nice blog.

How do you think the global recession is affecting India?

Joe and Kristina said...


Because it's a very important spice.


That's a very big question. The short answer is that in today's world, all major economies are connected and so India's economy is and will continue to be negatively impacted. The longer answer is that India has a hero whom I have not heard much about in the Indian media. His name is Dr. Y. V. Reddy and he was a bank regulator in India. While the rest of the world was going insane, Dr. Reddy actually increased regulation on Indian banks. Much, I am sure, to the chagrin of the Indian banks at the time. I am sure that they are happy about it now. For more about this hero who I am guessing history will forget to thank, see the following article from the new York Times:


If you have a hard time accessing the link, I will cut and paste it to you are something.

Cheers and thank you for the compliment to our blog,