Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Galta Ji Temple

The other day Victoria, Kristina and I went to Jaipur and visited what I think was a Hanuman temple called the Galta Ji Temple. The temple was about ten miles outside of Jaipur but well worth it. I got the idea from some one who lives in India and has visited the place before. Apparently the temple is not that well known. There are an awful lot of amazing things to do in Jaipur itself so why bother I guess Anyway, we were the only westerners there and the place was huge. The temple is kind of cut in to the side of a mountain, it very much reminded me of a scene from an Indian Jones movie. It was amazing. We stayed at a (an?) Haveli instead of a hotel. The Haveli is kind of hidden in a very run down street so I was a little worried because my sister was visiting and I did not want to take to the Rajasthan version of the no tell motel. Not to worry, it was incredibly beautiful. In fact, we did not ant to leave it. Link to the Alsisar Haveli below.


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Are some of those buldings ancient if so how old are those buildings and how what kind of people do you think inhabited those ruins in those days? respond

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Thank you for the comments. I do not know the age of the buildings or who inhabited them. My Hindi is very poor. However I have this link for you.