Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanks You Guys

Hi all,

We received a ton of notes, emails, instant messages, blog posts, and phone calls regarding the terrorist attacks in Mumbai and concern for our safety and well being in general. Thank you so much. It really means a lot to us. Uncle Wiggly and Aunt Annette, long time no hear. How is every little thing?

Joe and Kristina


goodneighboral said...

Dear Kris,

I just sent a little note all about how happy we are that you're safe, and Karma, and how you look just the same to us, and our kittens, and how really, really happy we are that you're safe, but when i come back here i don't see it. If it's somewhere other people can't read it that's even better with me (you know it's that thing with the voices in my head).

Anyway, pictures of the cats are at Yep, monkeyseemonkeydoo.

Holy Cow!

Did i say how happy we are that you'll be looking both ways before crossing The Path again.

Uncle Al

PS- we love your recipes. how about something with Ajwain Seeds (if you don't know i don't: Nette has this theory that if we keep buying all these exotic pastes and spices sooner or later we'll do something with them. so far, not so much...)

ok, i'm going to the telegraph office now

Kristina said...

Your blog looks great! So nice to know you're still surrounded by animals.

I was thinking about you recently when we bought a hand carved backgammon board. I still have (and actively use) the one you gave me when I was small.

Hard to believe we haven't bumped into Ajwain seeds with all the cooking we have been doing. But I did a quick search and we should have no problem finding something good and will post our next new recipe in the next few weeks.

Best to Annette and look forward to hearing from you soon.