Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Two things


I was walking down the street yesterday and someone stopped me and asked if I was from the United States. I kind of stick out and people from the US walk funny (at leat I do) so I said yes. He asked if I was from New Jersy. I figured I met him at a party or some other function here so again , I said "yes". He then told me that we had met two years ago when he was in Jersye City on a business trip and he was staying with a friend of mine from Jersey City. Can you imagine? India has over one billion people. What are the odds of me running into a guy in Gurgaon, India that I had a beer with two years ago in a seedy bar in a rough area of Jersesy City? Well, let's see. There are more than one billion people in India, so that makes the odds at least one billion to one. Time to pay the lottery.


Enlcosed find a couple of pictures I took with the zoom lens that Bill W. recommended. Thanks bill.

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