Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mehrauli Flower Market and India Truck Art

I checked out the Mehrauli Flower Market other day when one of my classes were canceled. I pass it everyday going back and forth between Gurgaon and New Delhi. It is really amazing the way people will come up to you again and again (not the same person) asking for you to take their picture.

That is a good thing because Kristina and I are trying to figure out what the deal is with the way trucks in India are so elaborately decorated (the last three pictures). At first we kind of ignored it because we were so overwhelmed by the move from the US to here. India can be hard to process because it is so overwhelming. Truck Art, as we call it, is one of those things that we could not ignore for long. Trucks in the USA are sometimes painted with elaborate decorations, but the theme of the paintings and decorative metal work in India has quite a different feeling to them. They are beautiful in a VERY colorful and they are often of flowers and birds. They are very much juxtaposed to what we think of when we think of truck drivers, at least where we come from. We are going to attempt to look at the art, who makes it, why they do it, and all things Indian Truck Art. This means taking lots of pictures at Indian truck stops (I think they are called dhabas). I hope the eagerness on the part of people in regard to my taking pictures extends to the truck stops on the highway.

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