Thursday, October 2, 2008

Drinks, dinner, and a camel?

Thanks everyone for the birthday cards, ecards, packages, and blog birthday comments. On my birthday Kristina took me out for drinks at a fancy schmancy hotel, and dinner at an over the top but very good and inexpensive Indian restaurant. When we left the restaurant there was a camel parked on the street out front. So I took a picture. Passe? Yup. AWESOME? Also yup. Next time I am going to ride it. Pictures to follow. For sure.
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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Joe. I know I'm a day late and a dollar short, but its a lot easier for me to pick up a phone than get on the internet. Hope you had a great day, and I was thinking that the camel was your Limo to get home. You should have got a ride on it. I would have paid to see that one. Kids are doing great, but work is slowing down for me as the housing market continues to plummet. And Kristina, don't even remind Joe how old he really is because he will just forget it a moment later. I think that really shows his true AGE!! Take care and continue to have fun.
Brandon Fade