Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Who's the stranger, stranger.

I went to check out Old Gurgaon again. It is fascinating to me and I can not figure out why. I was sitting at a Chai stall with Nipin thinking about how strange everything there was from my perspective and then it occurred to me that every one (and I mean everyone) was staring at me. It further occurred to me that I was the strange weird thing in their midst. By the way, see the picture of the store front below? Whatever you want, they got it at AJAY's. We are attempting to go to Agra this Friday for an overnight. I kind of want to take the train there. I heard it is super insane to take the train (kind of why I want to do it actually). More later if we can arrange it. Mean while, here's a little factoid for you. India is the world's largest commercial (or utility) employer.

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Jin said...

dude. are those the trains where people are riding on the roof and all?