Thursday, June 5, 2008


In the past two weeks, our new home hasn't quite felt like home because we haven't gotten any mail. Even though we know at least one person sent us something (thanks, Aunt Margie!). And we were starting to worry that we gave people the wrong address. But today we received the May 19 issue of the New Yorker so this is clearly where we live. It gave us an odd sense of sanity. It also feels like home right now because we have food cooking which is a welcome relief from chinese food and pizza delivery (we didn't tell you that's what we have been eating, did we? it's true). We've been stocking up on staples so hopefully we'll do this more often. It will be easier if I can manage to get home from work before 9:30 but that's yet to be seen.

1 comment:

Jin said...

How are the pizza?

I'm guessing there are no McDonalds over there....