Sunday, June 15, 2008

Another GREAT busy day

So today, we went to the American Embassy to join up with an expatriate organization. Mixed results - they may be trying harder to avoid the culture here than embrace it. We then went to Khan Market and bought stuff to make our apartment more of a home. I think we are almost done with that. We had a couple of drinks at Taj Palace Hotel (fancy schmancy). Then we went home and cooked. We got the main course recipe (pictures of dinner included) from a book that Audra generously gave us a going away gift. Onion rice, which we keep making because we cant stop eating it, and Kadhai Murg, which was killer spicy and rockin' (thanks again Audra). Hey, Paul Mungas, can you elaborate on the lime sodas? I think I want to be in on that. And Anna, thanks for then generous words! PS: Byron, we are looking forward to you visiting.


AudraE said...

Glad to see you're enjoying the book, nice to see the amazing looking results. Yum. We got all your notes, thanks. The boys love their flags. Just curious to know if you used scotch tape to seal the envelopes or if that's an indication that someone is opening the letters and re-sealing them. Anyway. You should be getting notes sometime soon, too, the boys were inspired to write over the weekend.

Joe and Kristina said...

So glad the letters arrived! Happy to add to their flag collection. We actually taped the letters. None of the handmade cards here have sticky stuff on the envelopes. And the stamps wouldn't stick either. We bought some glue so future letters will look a little nicer. Happy they're writing more. We received mail over the weekend from Victoria, Mo, and Kaleen which was really very nice.

AudraE said...

Taping them is fine as far as aesthetics go, I was just curious if it was one of the protocols in the world of international mail, of which we are novices.