Thursday, November 20, 2008

Neccessity is the motherhood of invention....

Whatever. A few weeks ago we took a trip that involved driving a couple of hundred kilometers outside of Gurgaon so we were kind of in uncharted territory. What I saw a lot, and want to see more of, is what can be described as good ole' Yankee ingenuity. As far as I can tell, people take whatever spare parts they have of tractors (and other vehicles?) and just build what I will call an "Anything Moving Machine". Then, just to add a little spice, they would do essentially the same thing insofar as decoration. Now, in my experience, if some guy who lives on your street takes the parts of whatever amount of different vehicles he can and makes a transportation vehicle of sorts. He does not necessarily make a celebration of it. Not here. Talk about a utility vehicle.

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