Thursday, August 21, 2008

Is it a Gift?

When Joe and I went to Spain, he spoke Spanish. When we went to South America, he spoke Spanish... When we went to Korea, he spoke some Korean. He also has German mixed in for any Germans we encounter. There are others. I just don't notice. All I know is that it's interestingly easy for me to travel anywhere with Joe.

And now, magically, he speaks Hindi and Urdu.


Unknown said...

His CIA cover is getting thinner and thinner.

Joe and Kristina said...


I didn't think you guys were going let that one go. I tried to go preemptive first blog but Kristina wouldn't let me. -Joe

Missy Fisher said...

I've heard Mcgann rock the Chinese as well whilst walking through Chinatown.

The real question is - does he know Esperanto?