Saturday, July 19, 2008

Central Cottage Industries Emporium

Today we went to the Central Cottage Industries Emporium to find some stuff to outfit our apartment. Among our lucre, a handmade 3 by 5 Kashmiri carpet (picture included). The prices were extremely fair and this government sponsored store ensures that a fair share of the money goes to the crafters actually making the products. We like the rug so much that we are going to hang it on the wall rather than use it as a rug. Kind of dumb but whatever. We have finally hung some stuff on the walls and will take some pictures if them this week. Should we use the rug as a rug?
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Unknown said...

The rug is beautiful - I LOVE it too - I think you should hang it or put it somewhere where you won't step on it with outside shoes. I just finished painting and got some new woven shades - Nipin is begging for some pics so i'll send you some too :)

Missy Fisher said...

my vote is for the first phase of it's existence in the J & K household, use it as a piece of art on the wall, and then, transition it to the floor when you are ready to move on to a new design concept.

can you tell I watch a lot of HGTV? Normal people do not speak of design concepts...