Sunday, June 8, 2008

Eventful day

We had a great day yesterday. First, it turns out the address we gave out is accurate because we received our first letter. Then we headed back to Cannaught Place in Delhi and went to a tailor we found to have Joe measured for a suit and 2 shirts. It's a great deal here and if they turn out well, I think Joe will return to the US with a pretty extensive work wardrobe. Then we had our first run at Khan Market. We had a lot of practical shopping to do for the apartment so we didn't have too much time to just hang out but we're definitely going back. There are lots of interesting shops and restaurants and we're pretty convinced we'll be going there frequently. Then, back to Gurgaon for more shopping - mainly food shopping - to finish getting a good base of things for the apartment. Joe made Indian egg salad for dinner. That was the third new recipe this week (I don't think we mentioned the potatoes he made the other day). We're getting settled and starting to relax. Think we're just about ready to take a trip. Next weekend - hill station (Himalayas). We just need to choose which one. Let us know if you have any ideas.


Unknown said...

I took my wife to Missouri, an antique honeymoon town resort ('IKE' stayed there), Shimla is much much more, and a little train goes there, But its farther, unless you fly. We loved shimla, and will mreturn there next year. Good Luck.

Jin said...
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