Friday, May 30, 2008

The First Indian Meal We Cooked!!

And it looks suspiciously like a Spansih Tortilla Patate that my aunt in Spain has made for me and taught me, in turn, to make (thanks Aunt Margie). Honestly, I am a bit afraid to cook here but we are setting up the kitchen this weekend. We will attempt the real thing next week some time. I we survive, we will write about it. If we don't the local paper will write about it.


aunt elaine said...

I'm delighted to see you are experimenting with Indian cuisine.

Please share a good recipe from time to time.

And please take the time to go into the city, explore Janpath and Connaught Circus ? Place ? and, of course, the Red Fort, and especially go into the Delhi - i.e., old Delhi -

love from Aunt Elaine

IkeG said...

Any Indian cook worth their salt, will tell you it's all about grinding your spices fresh each time you cook. Freshest ingredients of course are assumed. One drawback about Indian cooking, at least in the US, is the odor created by the smoke and spices and that they will cling to all surfaces in your home.

Anyway, sounds exciting!