Thursday, March 12, 2009

Remote Blog - Port of Call - Kathmandu

Just got back to Kathmandu from Pokhora and Chitwan. We'll update our slideshow when we get back but we're happy to report you will see animals other than monkeys on this one.

It's quiet and peaceful here relative to Gurgaon, but it's also a lot darker. Some power runs on generators but it's on a schedule and much of the day we don't have access to electricity.

Flat Stanley is well and good. And somehow, also has made it to Agra within the last week.

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Wardrobe Geek said...

I am a producer with CNN International. Was wondering if you know of anyone who has moved to Delhi (either an NRI or a foreigner) because of job reasons. We were putting together a recession piece and thought since you have moved to India you might know of someone who has done the same recently. Please contact me on or call at +91 9811035633.

Much thanks.