Sunday, March 29, 2009


So we went to Sundar Nagar which means, I think, beautiful city (corrections welcome as always) and is much harder to pronounce (it's Hindi) than it looks. We found a place that wholesales to Anthropoligie and Kristina bought some knobs (for drawers) that would have cost maybe a zillion times more in the actual Anthropoligie stores. She also convinced me to buy a couple of original posters for some Bollywood movies that were made in the sixties (again, I think). The posters cost more than the zillion knobs she got. So be it. I know nothing, and I mean nothing, about Bollywood movies but I have been told by a couple of people that the two movies that the posters represent are well known.

Are you a betting woman (or man)? Here is the deal. The first person who names both movies gets to have a donation of food and sundries made in their name to a children's shelter whom we have supported. The shelter is called Progetto India ( ) and the couple who run it take in, feed, clothe, educate and make family of children in the New Delhi, which is a very good thing. Hit me back, Jack.


Mjay2s said...

hi its Kashmiri ki kali and mother india.

Anonymous said...

The first poster -- The movie name translates to "A Flower Bud from Kashmir"
......indicating, in this case the beautful women of the Kashmir Valley. You should go there and see. ;)

As for the other film...
The film was Nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 1958. A remarkable movie.


Joe and Kristina said...


You are both half right (as was another person who emailed us off line). The answer had to be in English which means you all win. If you want give me your name (or part of it) and I will make the donation (of food, household supplies, etc) on your behalf.


Anonymous said...

I seem to recall telling you, when I was in India, to buy Bollywood posters, especially old ones, because they might become collectors items in the States as that industry grows in popularity over here.

You must always listen to your older sisters.

Anonymous said...

One more trivia about the movie posters..
Mother India, was nominated for Foreign film category at the oscars, way back when..
not sure if it won or not..

Kashmir ki kali, is a bollywood classic, with Shammi Kapoor, from the legendary kapoor dynasty of bollywood; equivalent to the Coppolla dynasty in Hollywood Francis Ford-> Sophia/Nicholas cage

Joe and Kristina said...


You were right about that but I had to pay much than the price that we discussed. Still a good idea though.

Anon, give me a better name so I can make a donation to the shelter on your Loes' and Mjay2s' behalf. A nickname is fine.