Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Chitwan District, Nepal

We took these pictures when we were in a flat canoe made of cottonwood on a river in Chitwan, Nepal. The water was very shallow, about two feet in most places in the river and the water level was three or four inches from the side of the canoe. We got pretty close to these guys and were kind of at eye level with them. I do not mind telling you, we were a little nervous. Much more so than when I was holding the cobra in Old Delhi (I was nervous then too really). These guys (girls?) were about ten feet long I think. The crocodile in the second picture has a thin snout. That is a different kind of croc and it is supposed to be less dangerous because it's snout is so thin. Whatever.

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*~NiTiN~* said...

yeah it is called the "snout".