Monday, February 9, 2009


Here are some of the signs we saw while we were in Mumbai. So, a couple of things:

  • Sign one. Given the terrorist attacks in Mumbai on November 26th, you would think some one would ask that this sign be taken down.
  • Sign two. That's a lot more effective than "you will be towed at your own expense", don't you think?
  • Sign three. That seems kind of unfair.
  • Sign four. That was just a funny looking sign.

By the way, we are probably going to Kolkata (AKA Calcutta) this weekend. Any suggestions?


Jin said...

Don't drink the tap water. Avoid uncooked food. Bring medicines to treat diarrhea and upset stomach. Talk to a doctor or your local health department about immunizations; none are required but it's wise to take precautions against typhoid, tetanus, hepatitis, etc.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm a journalist. I'm working on a story on expat bloggers. Met some already. Would love to talk to you about your blog. My email:

Joe and Kristina said...


I think that means "don't go". Too late. It was actually pretty cool.