Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kuala Lumpur, Maylasia

We got back safe and sound from Kuala Lumpur. It was amazing. We went with some friends who are incredible easy to travel with. More about the trip and some pictures and stuff to follow but for now, please see a picture of one of the Petronas Twin Towers which used to be the tallest building (bulidings?) in the world. We took it at night right after it rained. Special thanks to Suky, Loes and Pierre who made and otherwise fantastic mini vacation more so (fantastic, not mini).

By the way, click here to go to a link to the pictures that we took in Kuala Lumpur.

And click here for more on the Petronas Twin Towers.


Jaclyn Harr said...

"That is something up with which I will not put!" ;-)

Lovely shot - what sort of camera setup do you have, if you don't mind me asking (and go easy on my - I'm a newbie to photography)?

Joe and Kristina said...


Thanks! We are also super new at the camera thing but this camera makes up for my dumbness. We have Canon Eos Rebel XTI SLR. We also have two lenses from them and need another one. If you are interested, We do not know a lot about these things but I know a few people who do, and a friend of ours is good at researching lenses. Feel free to shoot us a question if you need photography we will try to get it answered.


Joe & Kristina

The Malaysian Explorer said...

Wow awsome shot of the Petronas Tower. Can't believe you are a newbie at photography.

More shots please.

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Joe and Kristina said...

Hi Malaysian Explorer!

First of all, terima kasih (I hope that's right). Second of all, more photos to follow. Here is a link to all of the pictures I took if you like.


Happy New Year,


PS: It's not me, it's the camera.