Monday, November 3, 2008

Golden Temple and Indian/Pakistani border closing ceremony

This weekend we took a trip to see the Golden Temple in Amristar. We went via train which was exciting in itself as we have never taken the train here yet. It was a long ride, roughly 400 kilometers. Amristar is very close to the Pakistani border so we went to see the daily closing of the order. It was over whelming and amazing. It was jammed with people and one of the kids hawking stuff (everpresent) told us to go to the VIP area. I was positive that this was just a gimmick on the kid's part to get more money from us. However, one of our friend's convinced us to check it out. Guess what? The kid was right. We got to go to the area where all the action was happening because we were ferenghi (foreigners). The closing of the border kind of had the aspect of a sports event where the opposing teams are arch rivals because Pakistan and India close their respective borderes at the same time. In fact, they (the seciruty forces) interact with eachother and do similar military ceremonies like a kind of competition. Here is a link to some of the pictures we took.

We went with a couple of friends, one of whom had family there that simply spoiled us. That was nice and I'd like to thank them for it.
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