Monday, November 10, 2008

Different Delhi

A couple of days ago I had a meeting canceled and so had some time on my hands. I asked our driver where we should go and he suggested Lodhi Gardens, which is a beautiful place that Kristina and I have planned to go for some time. I said no, only because I had promised to go with her and that kind of sophistication is largely wasted on me anyway. I asked if we could go to some areas of New Delhi that were less frequented by tourists, specifically low income areas. Our driver (by the way, his name is Rajinder) gave me a "really?" look. I said "hunh" (Hindi for "yes" kind of) and he took me to three places.  One of them was, I think, Sonia Gandhi jhuggi-jhopri at Rama Krishna Puram in South West Delhi.  Note, I got this from our driver and we often have communications gaps.

To remark on this is kind of trite, or passe, or some other word, but I will anyway.  One thing that I find amazing (and I see it all the time) is the propensity for children to have fun under any circumstances.  The kids in the last picture are playing in a dilapidated shanty made of bricks, corrugated fiberglass, metal sheets, and tarpaulins next to an open sewer during an outbreak of Dengue fever.  They seem to be having a ball.  Good  for them.


Jin said...

Interestingly the stick just entered the toy's hall of fame...I swear!

The Stick

Joe and Kristina said...

Holy Mackerel! I At first I thought you were kidding Jin.