Friday, November 14, 2008


We have a synthetic guest blogger today. A friend of ours, to whom I recently lost a bet and owe forty rupees, came to our apartment and made chapatis the "proper" way. Chapatis are kind of like naan, only more ubiquitous (I think) because no one really has a tandoor in their house. Insanely delicious and likewise easy, not only were they delicious, but they were super-duper cool to make.

By the way, I think I have figured out that I can have a custom made wool suit made here for about fifty dollars. Just as a test to see who is keeping up on our blog, I will get the first person who responds to this a suit, including shipping. The suit will look like a brand name, New York City, Chicago, or Bond Street, style suit. This offer assumes that you will give me your exact and complete measurements (which are needed to make said suit). This is open to men or women, in USA or in India. Cheers, -Joe


Jin said...

I am XL

Joe and Kristina said...

Jin, you are not XL.

The deal is, I need your exact measurements, as if you were getting fitted for for a suit. Because, in this case, you are.


Jin said...

1. Waist: slim
2. Shoulders: broad
3. Legs: strong

npmoro said...

I just arrived here in Gurgaon and found your blog in a google search. I am interested in purchasing a few suits while here. Where did you get yours made?

Joe and Kristina said...

Hi and welcome to Gurgaon. I got two of them made at S.L. Kapur and Sons in CP. Their phone number is 23325917. Let us know if you have any questions while you settle in to Gurgaon. It was pretty crazy for us at first.

Joe & Kristina

npmoro said...

I have two questions that I can think of off the top of my head- 1) how do you get around- do you use a driver or some variety of taxi service. I want to find a company or individual i can use to take me around on the weekends. English language skills would be great.
2) You seem to have travelled a lot around the country. What were the places you thought the best?
3)Not a question. I was just in KL and had no idea what those bags were, but was confused by it the whole time. I now do.


Joe and Kristina said...

Hey Nick,

KL was ridiculously awesome. We have a driver but there absolutely must be a sane way to get an English speaking driver. There are a ton of expats here so there is an ongoing market for it. Places to go? We loved Jim Corbet Park, Jaipur, and Cochin. Agra, not so much. Let me know if you need any hotel recommendations for any those places. By the way, we are part of an expat group here with a bunch of people. Let me know if you want the contact details. They have been very helpful to us.


npmoro said...

Contact details would be great for the expat group. I am really going to need to connect with some people who come from my background at some point.

Queenie said...

Wow, I just found your blog and my son and I are finding it fascinating!
The chapatis look lovely, but what about a recipe?!
There you have pictures of this delicious looking bread (I'm a bread FREAK, by the way) and no recipes.
I looked them up online but thought you might have some "insider secrets" to impart that would kmake all the difference.
If the suit deal is still on I'd love to have a suit made for my son. Not to worry I'll send the money for it if it can be done.
Chapatis and a bespoke suit...what's not to like about THAT?
If the suit deal can still be done I'll send you measurements.

Joe and Kristina said...

Hi Queenie,

No chapati recipe but we will get one from our friend who made them at our house and get it to you. I do know they were very simple, very easy and very good. As for the suit, no longer available, sorry. By the way, Wisconsin is great. Except for the one time we had to drive through a blizzard to get to Madison. A lot of people do not know this, but Milwaukee and Scranton are very similar, and both AWESOME.

Joe & Kristina