Monday, September 8, 2008

Sunday Cooking

Okay after seeing the snakes, we decided to spend a little time staying close to home. Yesterday we made Tandoori Chicken, Yogurt Rice, Potato Leek Soup, Black Bean soup, and Hummus (again). Above a picture of the Tandoori Chicken and the Yogurt Rice and links to them. Oh yeah, and we also got eye exams and bought eye glasses. Pictures to follow when we get them.
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Anonymous said...

Joe and Kristina,
Found your blog as we are getting ready to move from the US to Gurgaon. Really enjoy your posts. Family of 4 with 2 young children and looking at apartments - any suggestions? Work is in Gurgaon and thinking we will live there and travel to Delhi for fun. Any concerns about security?thanks

Joe and Kristina said...

Hello! So happy you're enjoying the blog.

As far as living goes, we highly recommend living in Gurgaon versus Delhi if that's where you'll be working. The commute can get kind of crazy. It is only a twenty kilometer commute but can easily be an hour ride each way especially during rush hour, when it can be way more. The trips into Delhi on the weekends are always worth it.

When you're looking at apartments, there are tons of options. Just think about what's really important to you from a space perspective, make sure there are back up generators, and check out the security guard situation if you are concerned about security. Most of the complexes are gated communities so it shouldn't be an issue. And it appears many have fitness/recreational facilities. If that's something you want, find out if the cost is included or not.

There are expats here with children and you shouldn't have difficulty making connections. We have met people from all over the place - not sure where you're from and if you're looking for a particular community to connect with. We are actually part of an expat group here. If you like, we can send you the Yahoo groups link. It has been plenty helpful to us and the people are super nice.

We'll be happy to recommend good places to shop and eat when you get close to or after your arrival. Furthermore, you are sure to have more questions. Shoot them to us as they come up and we will be happy to help if we can. We have already covered many of the details you are about to get into. Get ready for an adventure and...

Best of luck -

Joe and Kristina

PS: If you are curious about security issues insofar as crime or walking around in the city we will be happy to answer those questions to the best of our knowledge as well. Let us know.

Anonymous said...

Joe and Kristina,
Thanks for the reply - any chance we could talk over the phone? I am currently in Gurgaon chekin out apartments and leave Thursday for the US. Will come back in October. I am at the Trident and phone is : +91 124 245 0505. Room 204 and ask for Joe. Will be there this evening and will be up late! Currently looking at complexes like Central Park, Uniworld and Labarnum but would like to hear your perspective. Also interested to hear more about the expats with children and the expat group on yahoo.
thanks, Joe

Joe and Kristina said...

One of us will definitely give you a call tonight. It will be on the late side but it sounds like that will be alright.