Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday Dinner

You may not realize the significance of Thursday dinner. What this means is that Joe's work schedule has changed. To what? We're not sure. But we finally have some time together during the week. And this is the result - carrot rice and chicken fry. This might be the best dinner we have had that's not super complicated to make. It's fun to find something that's not full of cream and butter that still tastes good. Here they are.
So here's the deal. These two are super easy to make and they may even be good for you. Add a little water to the chicken and cook it longer and under lower heat. Also, don't be iffy about the onions, bring it on. Awsome! This is Joe by the way. FYI, Murgh is chicken in Hindi. Back to Kristina.
On another note, the weather is changing. During the day, still hot and steamy. At night and early morning, it's cool out. Well, if not cool, it's definitely not hot. Joe is happy. I'm getting a little worried because I finally believe that it will actually be cold here this winter. Cross your fingers that we'll actually get heating units!
Last update - I came home to a great gift wrapped scrabble board. If you know us at all, you know who will win.

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