Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Any photographers out there?

Joe's birthday is coming up and his gift (don't worry, he already knows) is a zoom lens for our camera. We have a Canon SLR to which he attributes the great photos but I attribute them to him. Anyway, we're struggling to determine the best option. More than one if necessary. Our research so far is not yielding much. We would love an opinion from someone who knows.



Jin said...

Let me ask our photographers. Ad agencies tend to have competent ones....

Jin said...

He recommends this:

He said you can spend up to like 2 grand for a professional kind but for you guys, you don't need to spend that to get what you want

Joe and Kristina said...

You are the best, Jin - thank you! This is exactly what we need.

Unknown said...

Joe, You will upgrade your camera body many times over the years, but good lenses can last a lifetime, so spend a little more money on your lenses. You will see a difference in your pics. Here is a great site to go to concerning canon lenses.
The new version 70-300 image stabilized (IS) lens might be a good solution($500). I have done a ton of research on this, and if you want more of my "non political" opinion and lens experience let me know. I have been a silent weekly reader of your blog, and it has been great to follow along your journey. The Family is great here in Iowa, and hopefully you get out here someday. Bien provecho

Joe and Kristina said...

Hey Bill,

Thanks for the info. I hope things are well in Iowa. Cant talk a lot about politics here because I cant figure it out. But if I could, I know I could count on you for the opposing side.

Hope you are well and a card coming.