Monday, July 21, 2008

You asked for it, you got it!!

Hey JT. An electric tandoor looks exactly like a toaster oven except the heating elements inside can melt steel. Below are some pictures I took this afternoon of an actual old school tandoor at a street vendor, followed by the electric tandoor that I bought for Kristina. The old traditional tandoor is heated by way of wood embers burning inside the actual tandoor, where the electric tandoor is heated by, well, electricity. You can see the naan being made from the angle that the street vendor (who thought I was nuts) let me take. In the guy's hand is a kind of long steel instrument with a hook at then end. He kind of tosses the naan in the oven with his hands and then takes them out with the hook. It's neat to see.

Tell E-Rock that I used his "The souls of the just are in the hands of the Lord" line in an earlier blog posting without crediting him, sorry. On the other hand I happen to know that he stole it from a Priest in Brooklyn so I think I'm okay.

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Unknown said...

yo - why dont you spice this biachi up a little bit. get arrested, start a war, adopt a camel. something



Joe and Kristina said...

Hey Earl,

Because the prisons here a little rougher than the ones in Novato. Also, camels can be very mean. By the way, I love bialy, the flat bread roll topped with onion flakes. I just didn't know you spoke Yiddish.

Cheers, Joe