Thursday, June 26, 2008

Work School, Work School, Work School, Old Gurgaon, Goats and Girls with Umbrellas

So I have been going back and forth the last week or so. Work in Gurgaon and school in New Delhi. Kind of crazy but I am getting used to it. The other day I went to Old Gurgaon to take some pictures. Old Gurgaon is what was here before Western companies decided to set up shop here and essentially created a new city. Old Gurgaon is pretty much devoid of westerners so it was just me and the local population. One thing I was really worried about was taking pictures of people. We can not speak Hindi and in many cases people here can not speak English I thought it would very difficult to find a way to ask for permission. It turns out that the opposite is true. People saw me taking pictures and they would come up to me and ask me to take their pictures. Well, not really "ask" as there was not a whole lot of English being spoken but we figured it out. Everyone was super enthusiastic and the goats were obliging too.


Jin said...

"Goats and Girls with Umbrellas" in your title had me....shall we say curious?!?

It looks freagin hot out there.

Western shops?

How about opening a lemonade stand?
You could prolly make muchos Rupee!

Jin said...


Look at this guy and where HE'S been!

Starts off at your neck of the woods...

Where is Matt?