Sunday, June 22, 2008

Recommended - S. L. Kapur & Sons

So before we moved to India, I heard that you can get a suit, made to your exact fitting at a reasonable price in New Delhi. Turns out yes. One cashmere suit and two 100% cotton shirts for approximately $ 350 dollars. You can get a wool suit for maybe half that. Also, you can pick any color or texture or material you want. Pictures of the bolts of materials coming next week (I hope). I've attached photos of our tailor and his son, their shop, and the suit. I will tell you what; the first three people that send me their EXACT measurements will get a free shirt on us. Give us the color and design (stripes, plain white, hounds tooth, etc) and you will get it in the mail in the next month or two. For now, men only. It's a bit trickier for women since men have traditionally been their only clientele. Once Kristina gives it a shot, we'll come out with another offer. First come, first serve.

-Scoop McGann


Blob said...

Nice suit. How do I get some? What are the measurements they need for a sport jacket and pants? How would I pick the material?


Missy Fisher said...

Lookin' good Mcgann, very GQ. And by the looks of those photos, there could be some modeling potential. If there is an INDIA'S NEXT TOP MALE MODEL contest, I suggest you enter.

Anonymous said...

fancy!! I think you should start wearing a suit all the time - I don't care if it's a 105 ... you look good, you feel good, you do good.

Amy CarlFinn said...

Lookin hot Joe McGann. Lookin damn hot.